Each story has it's own Tag!

Tag all your private data with MiCOTAG enterprise solution. Attach audio, video and pdf multi-media content for a real view on paper and printed products.
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MiCOTAG team understands that yesterday's dilemmas often represent today's solutions. Therefore, we view every project as a fresh opportunity for continuous development. This results in enhancing the paper and printed products into a new revolutionary with an economical, efficient, and productive use for our customers. The realization of the rapid pace in the new innovative product solutions, helped us to reach the marketplace making a big change in the paper and printing industry.

Introducing MiCOTAG an enterprise solution for all your paper/printing products and embed Audio/Video along with printed material for real view to the customers.

With our proprietary technology can easily integrate between paper/printed product with digital content such as audio and video and pdf. Record using in-app recorder or external recorder and playback using in-app player and thus streams from cloud servers securely.

* This is not URL redirection like QR code application.

MiCOTAG team researched some of the sectors where our solution is capable of bringing value and generate business in huge volume such as Education, Government Revenue Sector, Police Department, Real Estate, Event Management, Greeting Cards Manufacturers, Product Manufacturers, Insurance Companies, Travels and Tours, Non-Profit Organizations and many more.

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Awesome Features

Record anywhere and anyway. Attach the content using MiCOTAG PC tool upto 30MB per video/per barcode.

Play using iOS & Android compatible devices such as Mobile Phones, Android Tablets,iPhones, iPADs, iPODs where it has internet access

Application Customization by the client needs

Timed Tags i.e, Tags can be expired based on the validity

Storage in-house or external by client needs .

Play offline & online

Unlimited unique tags in Rectangle and Square shapes with limited color encoding .

Non-obstructive Advertisement for premium clients

Write Once- Read Many Tags .

Write Many - Read Many Tags

Free default application feature updates


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To buy tags:

Email Manufacturer at micotag.info@gmail.com With

  • # of Tags,
  • Type of Tags (1. Read & Write 2. Read Only)
  • Shape of Tags (Square or Rectangle)
  • Contact Details: Phone#, Email Address
  • Mode of Payment.

One time Cost

Customized by the client requirement (1. Storage, 2. Volume, 3. Customization or Integration of the App)


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